Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sharing What You're Reading!

Writing Reviews for a Real Audience
Kirsten Spall and Sam O.
Last week, I became aware of the fact that several of our students are writing online reviews. This intrigued me. I am always curious about how our families are using writing in real life. What better way to explore a novel than to review it for an audience of your peers? Below is an online interview that was conducted on a Google Doc.If you would like to create your own book reviews, game reviews, or video reviews you may also submit a review to PACT's very own Review Blog called "PACT Kids Know What Rocks".
Kirsten: How did you get into writing reviews for Scholastic?
Sam: I read a lot of books and my mom wanted to find a new way to teach literature.

Kirsten: How do you choose novels that you read?
Sam: I read the summary on the back of a book. If It sounds interesting, I check it out. If I like the book and it's in a series, I read the series and do a review on my favorites.

Kirsten: What is your writing process? Do you just sit down and write, do you brainstorm? Who edits your work (if anybody!)?
Sam: I guess I just sit down and start writing. When I finish it, I make edits and revisions, and then share it with my mom who makes sure it’s ready to publish.

Kirsten: Do all of your reviews get published?
Sam: So far, I have only done two, and both are published, so yes, they all get published.

Kirsten: Do you read reviews? Why.why not?
Sam: No, I just read the summary on the back of the book. My mom is the one who reads book reviews.

Kirsten: Do you have any advice for PACT students who want to write reviews?
Sam: There is a walk through at scholastic about writing book reviews which I found very useful. It helps a lot, and after reading it I knew what to do and what not to do.

Do you want to write your own reviews for Scholastic? Read this website for tips!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sam! If you'd like to write for another Book Review group, let me know or visit this website . They send kids advanced reader copies and you get the newest books for free! Keep reading and keep writing!