Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just When I THOUGHT I Had Entered Homeschooling Mom of Fame...

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Yesterday was one of those days. He spent all day avoiding work and pushing my buttons. I spent all day trying to balance work and homeschooling. I looked forward to the nice, long quiet ride home. It is the one thing I can count on.

"Why do they take that word out?" I looked down at the control panel. "B***h Move Out The Way" by Ludacrus was playing.

Robert complained, knowing that I would think it ridiculous that he cared about it and wanted to hear the word in the song and DARED to bring it up.

My feathers already ruffled by a tough day, I almost snapped. I breathed deep. He was not going to push another button.

"Well, lets talk about word choice. Does it make the song different? Does it really matter?" I challenged him, turning on my teacher voice and using my secret power to turn anything into a lesson. I expected an eye roll, but he persevered.

"Well, yeah it is kind of dumb. They replace it with glass breaking. That is stupid. It is more powerful sounding with the "b" word. Other stations play it with the b word."

I made a mental note to listen more carefully to the radio and explained the term radio edit. Hmmm...he wanted to say the word, I could tell.

"Do you know what the word bitch means?" I said looking straight ahead.

I could see him break out into a surprised grin and hear the giggle.  I explained the definition.

"So technically, Molly is a .... BITCH" he finished loudly. Smiling. I could tell that finding a way to use the word and not get into trouble was exciting for him. OH NO. He was not winning this one.

"Yes so think about what that means when somebody calls another person that....what are they really saying? Why don't radio stations want to play it?"

No response. At that point I think he realized his teacher mom had just manipulated the entire conversation about the b word into a teachable moment and it got quiet.

My chest puffed up with pride and I thought about the awesome blog post I could write all about how I managed to turn my kid's NOT so innocent question into a teachable moment. Trumpets played. The "Queen of homeschooling" banner fell from the sky.

"So what does the "F" word mean then?"

Radio Silence.